Wednesday, January 20, 2010

hahaah, tv falls on failed attempt girls head, HAVE TO WATCH

Bobbe J Thompson Don't Believe Bow Wow Hit 1.5 Million Mixtape Downloads In 1 Day! "Negro You Got 29K. You Just Kept Refreshing The Page. Wayne Aint E

Some Lady awnsered a question really Stupidly. Funny hahha must see

Ignorant: Pat Robertson Claims Haiti Sold Their Soul To The Devil & Earthquake May Be A Blessing To Get Rid Of Satanim

NO WAY, Iphone applicatiion which allows you to see through close. what on earth are we doing ?

Lady gets slapped for hitting a male on television. Do you think she deserved it ? lol

This is WRONG, dirty dancing at a bestbuy store and people watching like its okay.